The Saddharma-Pundarika: The Sacred Books Of the East Part Twenty-One

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The Suddharma-pundarika is one of the nine Dharmas which are known by the of---. Ashtasasahasrika Prguaparamita; 2.  Ganda-vyuna; 3. Darabhomirvara; 4.  Samadhi-raga; 5.  Lankavatara;  6. Saddharma-pundarika; 7. Tathagata-guhyaka; 8. Lalita-vistara; 9.  Suvarma-prabbisa.

These nine works to which divine worship is offered, embrace (to use the words of the first investigator of Nepalese Buddhism (1) in the first, an abstract of the philosophy of Buddhism(2); in the seventh, a treatise on the esoteric doctrines; and in the seven remaining ones, a full   illustration of every point of the ordinary doctrine and discipline, taught in the easy and effective way of example and anecdote, interspersed with occasional instances of dogmatic instruction.  With the exception of the first, thsese works are therefore, of a narrative kind; but interwoven with much occational speculative matter,



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