Thanks for taking the time to find out a little bit more about our awesome online store . We have been selling on the internet for many years with Amazon and eBay. As things change we saw the need to take control of our own destiny so we decided to create a new store with a new name and identity. Our goal is to take a small store with GOD help and the help of our family, friends, Business associates and You, and turn it into something awesome for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. 1 Web Global ( is a online General Store. We have hundreds of products that we will be adding to our inventory in the near future and the sky is the limit for what we will do together. If you are a manufacturer and have products that we can private label, please contact us, lets us make our dream an American Dream that will one day employ thousand of people that needs jobs some of whom needs job right now.

When you visit our store, we hope that your shopping experience will be awesome and that you will share this information with friends and family. Please reach out to us, we need help, your ideas, and constructive criticism. Let us know what types of products you would like to see in this your  store, and what we can do to make you feel more at home when shopping with us.

These are trying times, please obey the rules and the laws that are design to keep you and your family safe. One day COVID-19 will be a painful history and with God's grace and the help from our communities we will move forward.

Keep Dreaming, And Sow A Seed of Hope


Again, Thank You For Visiting


D L Brathwaite 



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