The Peach War BY Richard J Hankins



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The Peach War 1655 BY Richard J Hankins

The Peach War occurred in 1655, but the Ellen Thomasrape/murder wasn't committed until 1945. So how doesTerry Marlin become involved in both? The stories intertwine through Terry Marlin because he is descended from the warriors who fought the war, and his uncle is in prison, convicted of killing Ellen Thomas with an Army-issued bayonet. Terry's just a kid of sixteen when the pressure of family ferment explodes, and he is forced into the role of detective, trying to ferret out the truth concerning his Uncle Joe. There has always been disagreement as to the incident that precipitated The Peach War. That mystery is solved when the diary of Brec-chic, a member of the Lenni Lenape, is found. Intrigue is the result of these two interwoven plots.

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