Synchrotron Radiation in Materials Science

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Synchrotron Radiation in Materials Science6th International ... Radiation in Materials ScienceCampinasSao PauloBrazil 20-23 July 2008


This conference in Brazil July 20-23, 2008 brought together leading-edge researchers from around the world and is a celebration of the increasingly important relationship between materials science and synchrotron radiation research. Special attention was given to the contribution that Synchrotron Radiation techniques have given to unsolved problems in Materials Science. The main organizer of SRMS-6 was the Brazilian Synchrotron Laboratory, with support from several Brazilian and Latin-American Agencies and Universities. The main topical areas of this conference series are, Archaeological Materials, Catalysts and clusters, Complex oxides, Data-storage and Engineering materials, Films, Surfaces and Interfaces, Geo-physical and Electronic materials, Glasses and Ceramics, Liquids, Magnetism, Materials under Extreme conditions (high pressure, etc.), Metals and Alloys, Metamaterials, Molecular electronics, Multiferroics, Nanostructured materials and Self-assembly, Polymers and Biomaterials, Photo materials, Nanofocus techniques, Strongly correlated materials, Superconducting materials, Industrial use of SR, Instrumentation/Recent Developments.

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