Socially Accepted Murder By Robert Jones

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Socially Accepted Murder [Jones, Robert]

The City of Lakeside was once a small city but is now starting to grow beyond its means, like many other cities and towns in the State of Florida. Lakeside is a few counties to the north from the City of Miami. The population of Miami has grown to over two million people and is just getting too crowded for some. Quite a few people have moved north from the Miami area to get out of big city atmosphere. Lakeside is also growing at such a rapid rate that there are many demands on the community and the local government. Lake side is located on a big lake that provides the citizens a place for boating, swimming and fishing. I am a Construction Forman working for a local contractor. I moved to Lakeside from Miami several years ago and worked my way up to the position of Forman with this company. I have been married for two years to a wonderful woman named Shirley who has her hands full keeping me in line. Shirley is a wonderful wife as well as a friend. Several of my co-workers and me are taking a lunch break at the small restaurant across the street from my job. The events that occur after lunch will change my life forever. My name is Robert Walker and my friends all call be Bobby. This is my story of how I made a career decision from Construction to law enforcement. I hope you enjoy Socially Accepted Murder.
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