Proceedings of EUCOMES 08 Editor: Marco Ceccarelli

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Proceedings of EUCOMES 08: The Second European Conference on Mechanism Science 
by Marco Ceccarelli (Editor)

The EUCOMES08, Second European Conference on Mechanism Science is the second event of a series that has been started in 2006 as a conference activity for a European community working in Mechanism Science. The first event was held in Obergurgl, Austria in 2006. This year EUCOMES 08 Conference has come to Cassino in Italy taking place from 17 to 20 September 2008. The aim of the EUCOMES Conference is to bring together European researchers, industry professionals and students from the broad ranges of disciplines referring to Mechanism Science, in an intimate, collegial and stimulating environment. In this second event we have received an increased attention to the initiative, as  can be seen by the fact that the EUCOMES 08 Proceedings will contain contributions by authors even from all around the world. This means also that there is a real interest to have not only a conference frame but even a need of aggregation for an European Community well identified in Mechanism Science with the aim to strengthen common views and collaboration activities among European researchers and institutions. I believe that a reader will take advantage of the papers in these Proceedings with further satisfaction and motivation for her or his work. These papers cover the wide field of the Mechanism Science. The program of EUCOMES08 Conference has included technical sessions with oral presentations, which, together with informal conversations during the social program, have enabled to offer wide opportunities to share experiences and discuss scientific achievements and current trends in the areas encompassed by the EUCOMES 08 conference.

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