Never a Dull Moment by Berardino M D'Angelo

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Never a Dull Moment by Berardino M D'Angelo, 9780595394852

Never A Dull Moment is a hilarious story spanning forty years in the life of a mobster/family man who left no stone unturned to make a buck, without the violence usually associated with this subculture. It is uncanny the way he could win over people from all social standings and economic levels. Jimmy D'Angelo made his living hustling and dealt with everyone from the mob to the clergy and was respected by both. I looked at my dad as a modern-day Robin Hood who stole from the greedy and shared with the needy but kept a large chunk for himself, after all, he was Robin Hood, not Mother Teresa. On the other hand, my mother is an Irish Catholic and for forty years she tried to reform Jim through prayers, novenas, and lighting candles, but it didn't make a dent. My mother's name is Mary, together they were like the real-life "Honeymooners" ala the Jackie Gleason show. My father said they'd been fighting for forty years and he never won once, not even a draw. Although Jim is the main character he had colorful cohorts, friends, and relatives that were unpredictable and interesting. The woman characters (my mother, aunts, friends, etc.) are as equally unpredictable as the mobsters themselves. Never a Dull Moment will keep you turning the pages with great anticipation.

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