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This is not Funny, but the writer needed to get your attention.

Hey, haven't you noticed that your stupid little planet is about to blow? Whoa! How'd you get past my firewall? Are you spam? What makes you think we're stupid and in danger? I'm an extraterrestrial from a far more advanced-never mind. We monitor planet disintegrations: usually a meteor strike or seismic instability. Except here, mismanagement seems to be the culprit-unbelievable! So I came down to check it out. What a hoot! Nonsense! Incidentally, I'm a systems engineer and management consultant, so I'd be among the first to detect any such instabilities. Look, I'll try to simplify it. You've got terrorism and fanaticism, genocide, environmental and economic disruptions all proliferating here. That's because you've mindlessly disseminated technology, weapons and wealth before providing social justice, education, and employment. You've done it all backwards and that's stupid, especially since you've got adequate resources and this beautiful little planet to work with. So do you want my help or not? -a paraphrased excerpt An extraterrestrial and earthling address management of terrorism and the environment, organizational and human foibles. Their collaboration ranges from global to intensely personal.

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