Christmas Past to Christmas Present. By April Hamilton.

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Christmas Past to Christmas Present. Author: April Hamilton.

As each Christmas season passes, we seem to find the need for a story, one that will enthrall this generation and the next. This is such a story, of a family who holds true to the Christmas tradition as they embrace the spirit of Christmas. It is a tale of love and sorrow, which will take you and your family back to the heart of Christmas. Elizabeth and Ian fall in love during the Christmas season, while enjoying glitz and glamour at a friend's party. On Christmas Eve, as the church bell tolls, the true meaning of Christmas has already blessed this happy couple. Their joy will be short lived when a deep dark family secret, will threaten their relationship. Even more shocking, is the fact that this couple did not expect to find that they had such a strong connection, to such a deplorable disclosure. This Christmas story spins a passionate, bittersweet tale about the fantastic joy and great sorrow life can throw our way. This book is uplifting, an all too human tale about the magnificent power of true love.

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