An Advanced Catechism Of Catholic Faith And Practice

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Advanced Catechism is to supply a need felt in the higher grades of our Catholic schools. The study of the Third Plenary Council Catechism is usually completed in the fifth or sixth school year. It is thought that a supplementary text for use in the remaining grades will prove more serviceable to teachers and pupils, if it follows the order of the authorized Catechism, utilizes the text with which the pupils are already familiar, and carries them forward by a reasonably limited development of the doctrines and practices of the Church. Moreover, the explanations and illustrations of the authorized text will make the Advanced Catechism useful to teachers who use the Baltimore Catechism, and suggestive to priests who are directing their converts in the study of the same. The questions and answers of the Baltimore Catechism are numbered and form the basis of the present work, in which the additional questions and answers are intended to be either explanatory or supplementary, within the limits of school study. Illustrations are drawn from Holy Scripture, Church History, and the Lives of the Saints; and applications are made to the more important and approved practices of Catholic faith and practice.

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