I'm a dad and my sons played sports. For years when they were in high school and then college. We purchase them BoxerJock Brief and I always thought it was a waste of money to pay $20 - $25 for a pack that only had 2 BoxerJock briefs in it until recently when I tried a pair for myself. I tried a pair of Under Armour Charged Cotton BoxerJock Brief  (OMG) I never wear any type of underwear that felt so good and keep everything in place. If your a man you owe it to your self to try them at least once in your lifetime. If I'm wrong, let me know but if I right drop me a line and let me know. also. I still wear other types of underwear products, but BoxerJock's brief has become my go-to. UA BoxerJock Briefs are simply the best.
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