Heart Attack and Back: Twenty Years Later.

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 At the age of forty-seven, Ross J. Giordano suffered a near-fatal heart attack. Fortunately, he came out of the ordeal with minor heart damage, only requiring bypass surgery. Heart Attack and Back is Giordano's story of health restoration through lifestyle modifications, and it is his gift to readers who are struggling with making the necessary choices to change the way they live and live well. Giordano shares his heartfelt journey from a lifestyle of excesses-smoking, overeating, and no exercise, to a lifestyle committed to total wellness. Giordano intimately reveals his thoughts on the trauma and drama his family endured during his illness and recovery and takes you to the pivotal moment when he has to make a commitment to change the way he not only thought about his life but also how he lived it. Twenty years later, Giordano is a survivor. In Heart Attack and Back, he speaks of the gift of life as a trusted friend hoping to encourage others to make a similar commitment to wellness.

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