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4x Detox= "Nittime Body Detox" an effective version 2 of our well known detox has taken over. We believe your body needs help daily... not just once a week. In effective body transformation should be detoxing regularly. Whats changed? More than just 4 product servings per pack. A complete one month supply per one pack that will keep you getting more and more RESULTS when you really need them, at Nitime!  Ready? For Questions Text 1669-237-9071 (text only) for live support.

Benefits: Cleanses, Detoxes, and helps digestive system by cleaning your body of fluids, foods and waste that stay stuck in your system. Helps speed and ease digestion within 1-6 hours. Relieve pain and discomfort from gas and bloating inflammation. Can help with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Supports weight loss. This is a must have product no matter what your goal is. Internal health is so important to living a healthier life.

Ingredients: All natural Peppermint tea, no additives or preservatives. Grown in USA.

Directions: Use 1 tea bag to make 1 16oz drink. Pour hot water into your cup and let it steep for 5-7 minutes. Mix it until the color is gold. Drink M-F after last meal with water. ONE PACKAGE IS ONE MONTH SUPPLY

*You will begin to feel the effects within the first 1-6 hours, and it will detox your body for up to 24 hours.

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